Hello Skibike Group,
~~Hiked the FOES Weasel 2, Boxxer X-bike up Buttermilk yesterday after about 4' of snow (top of Butty) in the Aspen area.  The half pipe is going to be a hoot this year as is the crazy train park.
~~The snow was so deep yesterday that it was hard not to dive, but twisting in and out of the snow-cat track proved to be a ripping, speed-laden event that had hikers smiling as they ran for safety and tried to control their dogs.
~~I must remember to get a new front fender that I lost in a crash(s) last year.  People used to laugh at it, and I did think it was a bit funny, but now that I don't have it, I regularly get mouth full's of powder.  The fender really helps a lot.
~~Thinking of getting some new boards.  Using some awesome 95cm Line Bullets.  They are great boards that cut and carve like you are on rails.  I think I might chop up a couple of older snowboards for the serious pow days.  I think I could make a great, albeit a bit heavy set-up with some boards.
~~We have another quad running at Buttermilk this year on the west side. This should open the west side of Buttermilk to skibikes. There is some killer fast terrain over there, and it would open up more area on what is already a pretty crowded mountain at times.
~~The park and the pipe is where it is at though.  The crazy train park is perfect for an X-bike.  I don't think it would be so much fun without the X-Bike set-up and 6" of suspension front and rear though. They have added about another 100 feet to the X-Pipe. It is going to be absolutely amazing.  Huge and what will seem to be never-ending.
~~Going to whip up an ultra stealth set strap on skis.  I ride in my Alpine Star, Tech 8 motocross boots.  Having a set of cross country track skis on the bottom that are about 12" long will be perfect for the areas that require them.  I will cut a wedge out of the centers so they sit on the foot pegs comfortably.  Been meaning to do this for a few years.  If I would just do it, we would be more likely to venture to other areas.
~~Going to call Snowmass right now and inquire about skibikes.  They had a tiny blurb in the Aspen paper about a month ago about getting it started with rentals and what not.  I can't imagine being able to ride at Snowmass!  That would be amazing for me to have all that terrain.
~~Until next time!  Keep the feet on the pegs (or on the snow), and the tip on top of the deep!
Aspen, Colorado
Darsh -My Xbike