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All in all, I enjoyed the experiment. It was an interesting challenge. But, I must say that riding without foot-skis really made me appreciate the advantages of riding with them. It all comes down to balance. The stability and control afforded by foot-ski use substantially raises overall performance limits. You can safely carry more speed and traverse more challenging terrain with them than without them. Of course, terrain park tricks are an exception. And, a novice will feel confident and comfortable much sooner wearing foot-skis. Another question mark is how many ski areas will allow footski-less riding.

But, riding without foot-skis is a unique sensation, quite enjoyable in it's own way. I may throw it into the mix occasionally. Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks..


One of the biggest impediments to skibike ownership is the price point. As the sport grows and the manufacturers can get into a volume production situation, the cost will come down. But, for now, a new skibike is a fairly major purchase for a lot of folks.

What intrigues me about the kit concept is that it substantially reduces the cost of entry. Today's advanced full suspension bicycles make it a feasible alternative. If you have a bike you can be a skibike owner for $200, of $100 if you have some skis to shorten and mount, or you could pick  up a pair at a thrift store or garage sale for a few bucks.

Given the fact that a full suspension mountain bike can be had in the $100 range at department stores, I would be inclined to just buy a dedicated bike for snow riding purposes. No, it will not perform on par with a good quality production skibike (traditional usage), but for a couple of hundred or so you can be a skibike owner, no more rental lines and eternal cash drain. A kitted bike should provide adequate, entry level performance and many years of pleasure. When you can, pick up a production bike and keep the kit for friends and family, they'll love you for it.

Of course, the other side of the coin is Skibike Freestyle. This is a brand new, exciting sport that, if properly promoted, could significantly transform the skibike landscape as we know it, pulling in many new (young) participants. It's a perfect fit for the Winter X Games. But, of course, maintaining safety is of paramount importance.

The Ski-M-X kit, mated with a top quality bike, may just be the
ultimate freestyle weapon.

The times they are a changin..

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Note: Photos provided by WinterXbike Inc.
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