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As the sport of skibobbing spread across the country, the entrepreneurial spirit could not be denied.

American bikes of various designs were created and manufactured to supplement the European models

already available. Some of the Yankee offerings are showcased below...

   * This is definitely a work in progress... If you have any information or photos relevant to this subject that you would like to share, please contact: postman[at]ski-bike.org

American Bikes

(Currently Known)


All American






Ski-Bike (2)


Ski Bug

Snow Bike


SITZSKI (top & bottom photos)

Mfg by: Spectra Sports Inc, San Rafael, CA | List: $155 |

Owner: Fred Petersen


ALL AMERICAN | Mfg by: American Skibob Mfg Corp, Littleton, CO

The SKI-BIKE | Mfg by: Ski-Bob Inc, Stratford CT | Features: Carved solid wooden skis | Owner: Rod Ratzlaff

Note: The patent design application for this youth bike was filed in 1957 and granted in 1959. This is probably the first skibike manufactured in the USA in the modern (post 1950) era. I purchased this bike brand-new in the box in 2005.

SKI BUG | Mfg by: Totalmold Inc, Englewood, CO | Features: Fiberglass construction

WOOSTER Sno-Bob | Mfg by: Wooster LTD, Division of  Rubbermaid Inc.

Wooster, Ohio|

Original price: $39.95

Owner: Dave Gonzalez

APOLLO | Mfg by: De-Vol, Minneapolis, MN | Made in Japan | Owner: Ron Mickelberry

SKI-BIKE | Mfg by: Ski Bike Inc, Montclair, NJ | Patent applied for April 9, 1946 by Morris Aubrey Elliott | Owner: Lee Sauder

Note: The bike owner says his father purchased this bike for him in 1946-47, at a fund raiser. That dating would make this the first known adult production skibike manufactured in the U.S. This bike has some very significant historical ramifications...

Snow Bike | Mfg: Orinda, California | Patent applied for December 19, 1968 by: Mason Latch and Ali R. Saeedi  | Features: Aluminum bike-skis & foot-skis | Have any info?

NGC | Mfg by: C.E. White, New Washington,OH |  Features: Very wide aluminum skis

* This appears to be a close copy of the Wooster

Ski-Bob | Patent applied for May 19, 1965 by Harry L. Broschart, New Castle, PA. (Ski Sled) | Owner: Dean Markley |

Schuss | Mfg by: Dadoc Mfg. Co, Berwyn, Ill. | List: $109.95 | Circa: 1969 |

Note the tow bar at the top-front of the frame.     Magazine Ad       








































RollFast | Mfg: New York State  | Circa: 1940's ? | Owner: Ron Sannicandro

Note: Professionally restored

The Trike. Information wanted...