Assessing where to ride is the first step in the adventure. Browse to our “Ski Areas” section and look for a Ski-Bike friendly resort in your area. Or make local inquiries. Take a trip, it’s worth it.

You know what to ride, but first you’ll need to find a ski area with a rental program. Check the information on this site. Make inquiries. If you have your own ski boots, use them. A correctly sized bike will be beneficial (see diagram below).

Learning to ride is the fun part. Professional lessons are recommended. Most areas that have rentals also require lessons. Ski-Bikes are very unique and require a specialized riding technique.
Learning the technique correctly in the beginning will greatly enhance the safety and enjoyment of your experience. If you do not take an organized lesson, go with an experienced rider to “learn the ropes”. Within a few runs you’ll be having a blast! Some areas will allow you to “freeride” after your instruction while others are chaperoned group rides. Depending on the area, for return engagements you can continue to rent equipment or purchase and ride your own.
Where..What..Learn.. to ride
Bike Sizing