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   WELCOME! to SkiBike World, an educational and inspirational resource to this marvelous sport.
The objective here is to be kind of the Encyclopedia of SkiBiking, and to provide a spectrum of information encompassing all aspects of the sport. Hopefully, you will discover some nugget of knowledge that will prove beneficial in your ski-biking journey.  

    My introduction to the sport was in February 2001, and my winters have never been the same! My story is one that I'm sure many people will be able to relate to. I had been skiing on and off for 30 years, and I found myself feeling kind of bored with the whole thing. I wrote the following that winter:
*A major contributing factor to this state of mind is being stuck in the “intermediate rut”, to which I am seemingly unable to remove myself without herculean effort, for which I lack sufficient motivation. Other factors include creaky knees and leg endurance that isn’t quite what it used to be. It’s hard to admit to, but I might be getting older! No, forget that, it couldn’t happen to me. But I couldn’t imagine winter without skiing, I mean, what else is there to do? So I set out to find new inspiration. First, I bought a monoski. A unique and interesting ride, but it never quite clicked for me. I never felt really comfortable on it. It’s a major balancing act having your feet hitched that close together all the time. Next came skiboards. You know, those little 90cm shorties. Great fun! Very quick and agile. Of course, not too good at speed. They’re fun on tight woods trails and jumps and playing on the halfpipe. A nice toy, but limited. Not something you would normally spend all day on. I suppose I should have tried a snowboard, but after observing the torturous struggles of beginning boarders, I wussed out on that one. Besides, it’s another major (sideways) balancing act. I think you can see a pattern emerging here, I was searching. Then I saw a newspaper article on Ski-Biking. I had to try it! So I made the journey north, along with 3 adventurous relatives, to Silver Creek in Colorado. We got through the lesson quickly, learned the basics: lift loading (easy), turns, stops. Did a couple of runs with the instructor. Got our certification card. All this in about 1½ hours, with  no falls. Then we were on our own, riding with confidence, having fun. Think back on your first day skiing. Any similarities? My memories, from back in the leather boot days, are mainly horizontal, wet and cold. Long hours slaving on the bunny slope. Because of the marvelous stability and control afforded by the 3 point stance (bike-skis and foot-skis) and the low center of gravity, the learning curve is very accelerated. Every run felt            
   I immediately went out and bought a bike. Met other bikers. Rode several more times. I feel that I am now at or beyond my skill level on skis. Which means that in the coming season I should be comfortably running the terrain of my dreams. There is nothing more addicting than success!

--I wrote that after riding for the first time in 2001, and as a result of all that enthusiasm, I founded The American SkiBike Association. This Website and The Skibike Forum have evolved as part of that organization. Fast forward to 2009, and the Website and Forum have become SkiBike World and the ASA is now a separate entity (www.americanskibike.com). The times they are a changing...

   But, enough of all this. Check out the list of Ski-Bike friendly ski areas listed on this site. Get out and ride, that’s what it’s really all about! Have fun... Create some positive energy... The world can certainly use it.

Happy Trails...

~Rod Ratzlaff
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Oct. 06:  My new identity with the state...

On my custom bike at Copper Mountain (CO)

On the giant slalom course at Purgatory

better. As the day progressed we were riding woods trails, powder, moderate moguls, even some jumps in the terrain park. I felt something that I hadn’t felt skiing in a long time, PASSION! This Is it! I’ve found it! Nirvana on snow!             

I come from a motorcycle background and it felt so natural and intuitive having those handlebars in my hands. I was in line at 4:00 to get that last run in and I could have kept going for hours. Hmm, I guess I must have enjoyed myself..

A much appreciated gift from Fred Petersen. The skibike depiction is a custom sculpture of my personal  bike by:

 [Steve Appel / www.boltpeo


Vail, CO  April 2013

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My new Sledgehammer Racer 2 skibob (2014)