• What is a Ski-Bike?
Essentially, a specially engineered bike-like device with skis instead of wheels designed to use the force of gravity to descend snow covered mountains. Short foot-skis are generally used in conjunction. A much shorter description would be: Fun!

• Do ski areas allow Ski-Bikes?
Many do, and the number is increasing. Go to the "Ski Areas" section of this site and look for the "Ski-Bike Friendly" resorts in your area.

• Are they safe?
Yes! The inherent characteristics of the bike allow you to navigate the mountain with a greater degree of control than with other snow-riding tools. The bikes have been around Europe for 50 years and have an exemplary safety record.

• Can I rent one and take lessons?
Yes, many areas have rental operations with staff instructors. Vail, in Colorado, offers night rides with headlights! Professional instruction and helmet usage are highly recommended.

• Is it hard to learn to ride?
Due to the exceptional stability and control afforded by the 3 point stance (bike-skis and foot-skis) and the low center of gravity, the learning curve is very accelerated compared to skiing or boarding. Generally, within a few runs you'll be cruising and having fun with very little, if any, "downtime". Check out our "Learn" section.

• How do you ride the lift?
No problem! Basically, you skate on your foot-skis in the lift line, then depending on the chair and bike design, you ride with the bike off to the side of the chair, held vertically between your legs or resting on your lap.

• How do you stop?
Just like skiing. Lean the bike sideways and dig the ski edges into the snow.

• Is it strenuous?
It’s a much more balanced workout than skiing. Because you are in a sitting position there is much less stress on your legs and knees. The fatigue factor is also considerably lessened. No more "rubber" legs.

• Are they heavy, can kids ride?
Everyone can ride! Adult bikes generally weigh in the 16-25 lb range, about like a bicycle. Some are rider size adjustable. There are kids bikes available with weights as low as 7 lbs.
Some areas may have restrictions on age or height, though. So, check first.

• What are the performance capabilities?
High! The current Ski-Bike speed record is 125 mph.. They are raced regularly in Europe in the standard ski events: slalom, giant slalom, downhill etc. Generally, with practice, you can ride any terrain that would normally be negotiated on skis.

• Where can I buy one?
Wal-Mart.. No, not yet. The industry is still small enough that you can, in some cases, buy direct from the manufacturer or a representative with a lot of "personal" service. See our "Equipment" section for a showcase of available bikes and manufacturers contact information.

The Ski-Bike experience is profound. It's kind of a combination of skiing and mountain biking with a bit of motorcycle flat track thrown in for spice. Exceptional balance = stability = control, the result of which is a safe, accelerated initial learning experience. Those same attributes also create a very high performance threshold. Can you say, exhilaration...
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