Riding Etiquette..

As Ski-Bikers, ski area access is our most important asset. In this country, the sport is in it’s infancy, which means that we are effectively on probationary status at most resorts. These circumstances serve to make each and every one of us an ambassador of the sport. As such, we have a responsibility to ride in a manner that will project a positive image and protect that essential asset as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with our fellow skiers.

Here are some basic guidelines that ring true for all snowriders:

• Ride in Control.  This basically means riding within the limits of your ability. Fortunately control is an easier task on a Ski-Bike than with any other snow-riding tool.

• Ride Defensively.  Even if you are in control, that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Expect the unexpected.

• Ride Responsibly /  Be Courteous.  Treat others on the slope as you would like to be treated. This includes many things: Yield to uphill skiers when merging, don’t obstruct trails, give others a wide berth when passing, slow down in official “slow” areas and observe general ski area rules. This would also include friendliness. A smile can go a long way.

Ski-Bikes are very high performance vehicles. They can go fast, turn quickly and stop on a dime and do all of this with exceptional stability and control, facts which the rest of the skiing population are quite unaware. We must endeavor to ease this fear of the unknown by setting a responsible example.