Equipment Guide..
The purpose of this section is to present a general overview of the SkiBikes that are officially in production and readily available to the American market. You may find other bikes listed in the "Links" and "Xtreme" website sections. Unless otherwise noted, specifications are as published by the manufacturer. If a particular spec is not listed, it means that we don't currently possess that information. Product offerings and pricing often fluctuate, contact the individual manufacturers for the most current details.

With the recent proliferation of radical new designs, I have been pondering a classification system to assist in cataloging the bikes. Here is the result:

SkiBike - Traditional: Ski-based platform / Designed to be ridden with foot-skis / Classic European Skibob design / Rider slang: "Bobbers"
SkiBike - Freestyle: Ski-based platform / Designed to be ridden primarily without foot-skis / Rider slang: "Peggers"
BoardBikes: Snowboard-based platforms

Manufacturers: (Alphabetically)

• Brenter
• Leycraft
• Sledgehammer
• Stalmach

• Alpine
• Koski
• Lenzsport
• Bike the Slopes
• Sledgehammer
• Snowter

• Funcross
• MetalWorx
• Slopecycle
• Snowscoot



* Note:  I will no longer be updating this section of the website... Thus, the material presented here is a snapshot in time of the 2013-2014 season.


For current manufacturer listings, see the Links page.