*The Rod Ratzlaff Collection*

--Skibiking Memorabilia



The SKI-BIKE | Mfg by: Ski-Bob Inc, Stratford CT | Features: Carved solid wooden skis |

Note: The patent design application for this youth bike was filed in 1957 and granted in 1959. This is possibly the first skibike manufactured in the USA in the modern (post 1950) era. I purchased this bike brand-new in the box in 2005.

Skibikers in Switzerland - 1914!!       Bike: Velogemel

Enlargement / Info

1974 ad that appeared in Playboy magazine - The skibob is a Hari    Enlargement

Magazine ad - 1969     Enlargement

A much appreciated gift from Fred Petersen. The skibike depiction is a custom sculpture of my personal  bike by:

 [Steve Appel / www.boltpeople.com]


A gift from 1950's skibiking pioneer Lorenz Ertl. The [pin] inscription reads: "1st Place - Bavarian Championship - 1956"     His Story

   Serialized, limited edition  bourbon decanter by McCormick Distilling Co. commemorating The Third World Skibob Championships held at Mount Rose, Nevada, USA in 1971.

   It is made of fine iridescent china, the skibob figure is hand painted, and the stopper and base are finished in 22 carat gold.

1997 Brenter Comodore (Austria)

I have 2 of these, in standard and large framed editions

*SPORTSCASTER CARD (Sweden) > Rider: Robert Muhlberger

This is part of a large (2000+) card set depicting all sports from the late 1970's. They were released in several countries and languages around the world. The reverse side includes information and World Championship competition results from 1967-1979.

(4 5/8" X 6 1/8 ")


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Contemporary Gear

This is my Velocity custom-build. It's a custom frame and rear suspension with a Brenter C-4 front end, bars, skis (+ hubs), and seat.   Details

I have 4 early 2000 Brenter C-4's similar to this one, 3 standard frame and 1 large

German Club Pin

My latest acquisition (2014), the 2nd generation Sledgehammer Racer

A pin commemorating The Third World Skibob Championship, Mt. Rose, Nevada, USA. March 22-28, 1971.