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~~This section exists as a courtesy to our friends up north, to help promote the wonderful sport of skibiking in the second largest country in the world.
~~We would highly encourage the formation of a separate Canadian organization, logistics dictate that it would be the most efficient and effective way to propagate the sport.  
~~ Canadian riders, this page belongs to you. I'm willing to put in the time and effort to publish materials here, but you are the prime source. Please submit testimonials, articles, personal stories, correspondence, links, editorials, reviews, photos etc for publication on this site.. A major priority is any information regarding ski area access!!
~~"Profiles" of Canadian riders will be published here as well as in the main "Profiles" pages. I would highly encourage the inclusion of your e-mail address, networking requires communication, and grass-roots networking is key to advancing the sport. If necessary, I will forward addresses upon request.
Photos by Ian Watson, taken at Lake Louise. Bikes by Canadian builder, Kevin Leycraft (top photo).

The Ride Guide...


~~Below you will find a list of ski areas believed to be “Ski-Bike friendly”. It is not complete and tends to change.  Be sure to get a confirmation before traveling any long distances to ride. Call the resort  for further details.


If you have any confirmed information for this section, please contact us. We need your input!


Legend: OA = Open Access   RA =  Restricted Access   CRA = Chaperoned Restricted Access- (Group Rides)

R = Rentals   L= Lessons   N = No privately owned bikes allowed  T = Tethers required

* = Unconfirmed


Updated September 2005 - Thanks to Bob Lomow, Fred Petersen and Brenter Canada



• Alberta

Lake Louise: OA / Note: No gondola access, Leash may be required

* 12-20-09:  RA-green and blue runs only?/ Bike inspection required?

Marmot Basin: OA / Note: Foot-skis/leash/steel edge skis required. Production bikes only.

Sunshine Village: OA /


• British Columbia

Panorama: OA / R / L /

Kicking Horse Mtn: RA /

Sun Peaks: OA / R / L /

Whitewater: RA /  Note: Footskis/bike inspection required. Must demonstrate competency. (2015-16)


• Manitoba

Asessippi:  OA / R ?


• Close to the border

Big Mountain: (Montana): OA / R /



These additional areas are unconfirmed...



Kinosoo Ridge

Rabbit Hill

• British Columbia

Mount Baldy

• Saskatchewan

Table Mountain

• Quebec

Mount Sutton





Rider Profiles...


Date: November 2001

Name: Ian Watson

City/State: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

# Years Riding: 23

Equipment: 2-different machines, both custom skibikes

Favorite Riding Area: Lake Louise, where else!!

Comments: Claim to fame, won the 1991 North American Skibike Championships at L. Louise Alberta... got a trophy to prove it.


Date: March 02

Name: Richard Holmboe

City/State: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

# Years Riding: Since 1977


Favorite Riding Area:

Comments: E-Mail: rholmboe@telus.net  


Date: April 02

Name: Tom & Kim De Gruchy

City/State: Calgary, Alberta, Canada   

# Years Riding: Long time observer, first year rider

Equipment: Brenter  

Favorite Riding Area: Sunshine, Alberta  

Comments: I love the celebrity status on the mountain, and I'm sorry I missed the runs at Big Mountain.


Date: June 02

Name: Ray Henry

City/State: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

# Years Riding: 1  

Equipment: Brenter

Favorite Riding Area: Holiday Mountain



Date: May 03

Name: Robert Lomow / Carolyn M. Smith

City/State: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

# Years Riding: 2

Equipment: Custom WinterXbikes, with & without foot-skis

Favorite Riding Area: Sunshine Village, Alberta

Comments: 40ish riders. As diplomats of the sport, would enjoy to hear feedback from other members regarding opening up resorts in Canada for skibike activities. We currently have very limited access. We would like to hear as a forum your comments, we may present to resort operators and the general public. E-mail: rblcms@rogers.com _____________________________________________________________________________

Date: February 07

Name: Wade "Parnelli" Jones

City/State: Lloydminster SK, Canada

# Years Riding: 4

Equipment: K2 SMX - for now


Favorite Riding Area:  Marmot Basin - Jasper AB, Sunshine Resort- AB, Table Mountain Ski Area - Saskatchewan  

Comments: parnelli@sasktel.net - drop me a line anytime