Personal Story..
The Bonang’s

We were born long, long, ago in a galaxy far, far,-- no,no,no, wrong story.

We are native Rhode Islanders and love the seasonal changes. In our mid-thirties we decided to enhance our winters and as a family took up skiing. We scrounged around for equipment and trekked to NH. Joey had only skied by the seat of his pants in college so we all (Joey, myself and Jen-12 at the time) took lessons at Mt. Cranmore. Joey & Jen did great--I hated it. I never even got to the top. My instructor took my poles away and told me I needed work. Joey pushed me along, got me to the top, I fell in love with the view and we've skied every season since.

We improved, bought shaped skies and called ourselves intermediate skiers- greens, blues and an occasional black. Our daughter went to college in NH so we started renting condos and houses and skiing more. She, being young, has surpassed us. We, having reached our 40's, have lost some of our stamina. Joey has bad ankles (several breaks) and knees (surgery last year) due to running. So several years ago while at Cranmore he rented a skibike ($25 a day) as an alternative. He loved it, rented every day we were there, and found he could last all day and do terrain he would not have done on skis. I tried it, thought  no big deal and continued skiing.

Joey investigated all aspects of the skibike and the following season we took a ride to Woodbury, CT.  We found a small family run ski area and a man named Ted who was selling used skibikes. The price was right so we bought 2 Brenters-pink & blue. We went to our local ski area-Yawgoo Valley. They were very receptive and we took off from there. Joey is extremely passionate about the sport and his enthusiasm has rubbed off. Initially I rode so that he wouldn't be doing it alone. But I have since become a convert. We now have no inhibitions when riding, we tackle any terrain (moguls, glades diamonds) and have a lot more fun!

We are a rarity in New England.  Loon, Waterville Valley and Cranmore rent skibikes and bill them as snowtoys. All the resorts are leary of us, but working as a team with my charm and Joe's expertise we have ventured to a few other mountains in NH besides Loon and Cranmore -- Black Mountain & King Pine and also Bolton Valley in VT.  We hope to challenge a few more this season.

I am 45 and a high school secretary and Joey is 50 and a self employed plumber.  We just celebrated 25 years of marriage.  Our 24 year old daughter just got married-both are math teachers.  We enjoy wines, dancing, and our beautiful coastline.  We love to bike-Joey has a collection of 8.  We hope to promote snobiking to babyboomers like us, who love the snow and want to continue to enjoy it.

We're open to questions, suggestions, and look  forward to meeting other skibikers.

Cathy & Joey Bonang